Monday, March 31, 2008

you are FORGIVEN

At last, Parvin just forgive so happy..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Im sori..Parvin

tribute to Parvin

SAMBUNGAN daripada kes yg same color baju ari tue..alkisahnyer bermula begini..
Balik jer dari umah on that day housematezz sume read my blog..N suddenly Parvin shout

"Where is my name?"

Tetibe br teringat yg Parvin pon ader kt c2. N she is d one yg snap gmbr tue.. Terus rs bersalah yg teramat sangat.. So dis post is dedicated to her..hehe..sorie parvin..she really angry wif me coz tak ingat yg dier ad kt c2. i also dunno y i forgot about her. Mmg xteringat lagsg. Bukan sengaja nk lupa or really sori parvin. it is not my fault. my brain fault. sumtime it become resonant.. dikesempatan ini juga saya ingin meminta maaf kepada parvin kerana
  1. being a bad partner
  2. not on her side when bhav bully her
  3. sumtime bergabung tenaga dgn bhav bully her
  4. gossip about C instead of S
  5. blank her and nana
  6. etc etc etc
Hope you can forgive me parvin..huhuhu

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

OMG..same color!!!

"OH MY GOD..!!Bhav U wearing RED color shirt too". I just realise dat when me, Bhav, Aliah, Shashu, Midotz, n, Ros jalan nk ke terminal. When i was changing to get ready to go to class I dah realise yg Me and Aliah wearing same color shirt. Tapi cam biase je la. Ape salahnyer pon. Semangat keBILIKan yg tinggi perlu dipupuk and disemai di dalam jiwa. Masa nak pegi makan Bhav plak complaining about our dress code. Dier marah plak I, Aliah and Shashu pkai color same. Without realising yg dier pon pkai merah gak. Hehe.. Bak kata pepatah melayu

"cakap siang pandang-pandang, cakap malam dengar-dengar"

eh..btol ker??lebih kurang la tuh. While we were laughing and walking to terminal ade plak orang parking SAVVY merah just in front of us. So ape lagi..The camerafobia groups yang pantang jumpa camera pon snap a picture. I really like d pic coz it is RED in color..RED DEVIL..MAN UTD!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Td pegi MMU, hajat dihati nak beli J.Co donut. Unfortunately, malang nasibku kerana mesin membuat donut masih blom berfungsi. Huhuhu..Sedey gler. Dari semalam teringin and mengidam nak makan donut.


Someone told me that i need to be patience. Mungkin xder rezeki. But im really depressed. Maybe usaha yg dah dibuat xmencukupi lagi. Or maybe hadiah yg lebih besar akan dikecapi sooner or later. Who knows.. I will keep on striving and pray to God, wishes that my dream will be granted and never ever stop striving..Neway, really thanx to my buddy sebab menenangkan hati i yg gundah gulana ini. u really done a good job. U mmg no me well

Into the dim lit, bare walls of my world,
You entered, bringing light and life to me,
The vivid colors, painted with a swirl
Of wit and charm, of personality,
With tender care, you added comfort, warmth,
And images that line the now bright walls.

I look upon them fondly, bringing forth

A thankfulness that you walk in these halls
With me; our friendship has become a part
Of my world now; it has its special place,
Within my being, life, and in my heart,
Your name hangs right beside your smiling face.
Rememb'ring just how drab these walls had been,
I have to thank you for the light, my friend.

CUCMS ku!!

Nana, Me, Aliah and Zue dalam auditorium
Ader ceramah masa bebudak Sudan dtg melawat Malaysia

Me and Bhav at the car park

Dalam kelas

Lecture hall

Manchester United..RED DEVIL!!!

Semalam i pegi tgk bola dgn ali+faiz+kuji+zul(abg aroy). At first xrancang pon nk pegi tgk. I call prince charmin tanyer dier kat mane and he said
"Sy keluar dgn Yap tgk bola kt Melewar"
So I pon agak excited and i asked Zue match ape mlm nie. When i noe Man Utd vs liverpool of coz la WAJIB tgk. So i immediately call Ali...

Me: Hello..Ali..Ko kat mn?
Ali: Aku kt mama. Nk join. Baru je order. Kenapa?
Me: Ingatkan ko tgk bola.

Ali: Apsl??Ko nk tgk bola ker? Aku baru jer order.
Me: Ader sape kt sane?

Ali: Faiz, Kuji, ngn Zul. Nk dtg x?
Me: Xpe ar. Ramai sgt ar

Ali: Ko xcakap nk tgk bola
Me: Its okay. Xpe ar. Njoi ur dinner. Bye
Ali: Bye

Out of sudden, while my housemates n i doing the english assignment Ali call balik..

Ali: Hello, era kitorang cancel makan nk kuar tgk bola ngn ko
Me: Laaa..Xpe ar. Aku tanye je ko nk tgk bola ke x
Ali: Jom ar tgk kt Putra

Me: Crius nie?
Ali: A ah. Jom ar. Ktorg tunggu ko kt bwh
Me: Alrite

So..tanpa melengahkan masa lagi, i pon bersiap sedia la pegi tgk bola...tak rugi pon pegi tgk sebab MU menang 3-0. Best gler. Mlm tue tdo dgn penuh kenikmatan.

MANCHESTER UNITED 3, LIVERPOOL 0 Brown 34, Ronaldo 79, Nani 81

"A Portuguese one-two from Cristiano Ronaldo and Na
ni plus a rare Wes Brown goal gave United the perfect Easter gift and destroyed any lingering hopes Liverpool had of breaking into the title race"

Manchester United: van der Sar; Brown, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra; Carrick, Anderson (Tevez, 73), Scholes; Ronaldo, Giggs (Nani, 73); Rooney.
Subs not used: Kuszczak, O’Shea, Hargreaves.

Liverpool: Reina; Arbeloa, Carragher, Skrtel, Aurelio; Kuyt, Mascherano, Alonso, Babel (Benayoun, 66); Gerrard; Torres (Riise, 83). Subs not used: Itandje, Hyypia, Crouch.


Monday, March 17, 2008

My love..hehe

How can we know that the guy we love, love us too? How can we know either the guy is sincere or not? And how can we know whether the guy telling us the truth or not? What can i say is I know. We can feel it. Naluri seorang wanita. Hahaha. Ayat tak bley blah.

As I look into your eyes
I see all the reasons why
My life’s worth a thousand skies
You’re the simplest love I’ve known
And the purest one I’ll own
Know you’ll never be alone

My baby you
Are the reason I could fly
And cause of you
I don’t have to wonder why
Baby you
There’s no more just getting by
You’re the reason I feel so alive
Though these words I sing are true
They still fail to capture you
As mere words can only do
How do I explain that smile
And how it turns my world around
Keeping my feet on the ground

I will soothe you if you fall
I’l be right there if you call
You’re my greatest love of all

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hari ni tak tau dapat seru dari mana tetibe terbangun awal lak. Tapi xder la awal mana. Around 10 in d mornin. First time pegi breakfast kat area bangi ni since pindah. And lagi 1 first time pergi pasar beli ikan dengan mama. Selama hari ni tak pernah pon berkesempatan untuk pergi. Keinginan tu memang ada. Abah pun agak terkezut melihatku di dapur di pagi hari. hehe.. Sewaktu di pasar, i learn sumthing tau. Selama hari ni ingat kan ikan yang panjang tu namanyer ikan parang. Rupa-rupanya tue ikan tenggiri. hehe.. tak ley kawen lagi la camni. too bad. huhu..

I dah promise kat my ex boss 2 say sumthin about him. But, i dunno wat to say. wat i can say is dier nie romantik orangnyer. untung gak la sape yang dapat dier. Tetibe teringat masa kat old town. He know how 2 play guitar. Tapi dier tak penah ajar ex PA dier pon. Kecian tau. hemmm.. wat else can i say. he is a nice guy. Petang2 maen bola. He love archery so much. i guess.. N dier tak suka kalo petang2 hujan sebab dier tak ley g maen bola. Neway, good luck untuk ur match. Tue je kot. Tak ley nak cter bad things coz dier dah warning. hehe..C boss..i dun talk bad thing bout u. ahaks..guess which 1 is him??suppose to be yg most handsome..

Friday, March 14, 2008

First Experience

This is the first time im writing a blog actually..sebelum nie tulis essay english ms ambika jer..hehe..diary pon xpenah ader. why am i writing?? myself also curios wan to know. i think because ari tue tgk blog senior dgn zue. pastu tetibe rs mcm best lak. so i decide to sign up 1. a fren of mine told me that i need a thing to kind of meluahkan my emotion or feeling or wat so ever..because she said i dun trust any living things in this when im facing a problem at least ader la blog yg i bley cter kot. maybe..xtau la how efficient it is. harap dpt membantu bler i tension..